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“With mobile billboard trucks, you Don’t have to wait for the customer to drive by your ad when you can drive your ad by the customer.”
mobile billboard trucks

Looking for a unique form of advertising?

Mobile billboard trucks won’t go unnoticed!

Mobile billboard trucks are eye catchy and are the unique form of media you can recall days after seeing.

 Are you looking for a new and cost effective way to get your brand message through to consumers?

mobile billboard trucks offer exceptional reach. They are visible to thousands of people in a short amount of time because they travel, and they can reach into areas in town where other media cannot.

The advantage of using mobile billboard truck is to drive your brand or advertising message.  No other medium can guarantee coverage at the exact physical locations of your audience lives, works or plays.

With our mobile billboard Advertising Vehicles you can reach out to your valuable prospects, in the right place at the right time.  

Billboard trucks can bring any message or advertisement to hard-to-hit locations and will deliver immediate, overwhelming and targeted results. Our static or led billboard trucks routes are determined for individual client.

Whether we are targeting one or several major markets , we take direction from you… essentially making it YOUR mobile billboard. We go after your target markets that only works for your business such as grand openings, product launches, recruitment campaigns, and special promotions, branding. 

Here is just a few of our clients:

LED and static front-lit and back-lit billboard trucks.

We successfully drive your message to your target audience. Our giant mobile billboard truck will saturate your market with repeated exposure and drive your message home.

Unlike other forms of advertising,  mobile billboard advertising trucks ad message can’t be thrown out, turned off or tuned out. Our billboard trucks will attract additional attention with surround sound playing as they drive down the street looking like a giant TV.

 Every Campaign at AZ Mobile Ads mobile billboards includes:

  • First class quality!
  • Professional staff.
  • Optional handouts of brochures.
  • 24 hour communication with manager.
  • Clean-cut courteous professional drivers.
  • Special request granted during campaign.
  • Daily photos taken throughout the campaign.
  • Planning the most effective route for your ad campaign.
  • 3-sided LED Truck for multiple ads.(only on for led billboard trucks)
  • You’ll receive photos of where your Mobile Billboard Ad each day And you will also receive a Photo Journal at the end of your campaign showing where your ad was as well as other important details such as GPS reports.

When it comes to, out-of-home media (OOH) there are few factors that makes the difference between good and great results.
  • Targeting the right demographic.
  • Right timing.
  • Ad message.
  • Form of delivery.

Targeting, The right demographic is one of the biggest key factor in any form of advertising.  Such as Radio, TV, Web/Social media, Magazine, Direct marketing, and many more….

Right Timing, 

When and where? thats when mobile billboard truck can fix that problem. billboard trucks can travel anywhere anytime to target the right demographic at the right time and right place.

Less is more? 
When we are talking about outdoor it means fast paste and on the run. A prefect short sweet to the point message on the billboard truck can deliver a high result impression.

Form of delivery,
I think how you say it or show it, matters. when you see something  unique you’ll remember it vs something that you see on regular bases everyday. billboard trucks are known for that. when you see a advertising message on the mobile billboard truck you’ll remember it longer and easier vs seeing it on tv or on the billboard on the side of the road that you pass by every day.



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