Mobile billboard manufacturing and fabrication.

Are you looking to buy a mobile billboard truck or trailer to advertise for your existing business?

OR want to start your OOH advertising business?

You are in the right place!

We DESIGN & MANUFACTURE any size any shape LED DIGITAL sign / billboard for any application.

Our LED billboards are MADE IN USA and engineered specifically per application. Built from steel frame and one solid (1 piece) water proof and vibration resistance billboard panel.

That means you never have to worry about water or bumpy roads. unlike other we manufacture our screens from scratch. NO Cabinets NO ready-to-go Cookie cutter pre fabricated panels.

Pre-fabricated LED cabinet

Why we don’t use pre-fabricated LED Cabinets ?

These cabinets are great for stationary sign or billboards where there is no vibration or bumps and high winds.

1 Piece Screen

Our Screens are not made from one-fit-all type of cabinets. We design and manufacture these screens from scratch in 1 solid piece.

NO Pre-fabricated delivery box.

delivery truck box

These boxes are designed and made for 1 propose only “MOVING GOODS”. NOT advertising.

Our digital led box

Our LED Billboards are fully custom design and made for each application. Only 2 inches of frame around the screen (HSS). Fully boxed framed and weight distributed to deliver the best and safest handling and safety measures.