Why Mobile Billboard?

Mobile Billboard Advertising

Today, advertising is an evolving field that requires constant adapting. There are always new ways of promoting your products considering all the different channels customers can be reached through. Previously, one might have only seen advertisements on TV or billboards scattered across the city. But now, there are advertisements on social media feeds, music streaming services, and anywhere else you might think of.

That creates a lot of competition within a market. Serious competitors must actively focus on unique, effective ways of conveying their message. It can often be difficult to think out of the box and deliver your message in a way that will be memorable. One of those new and exciting advertising strategies is the use of mobile billboard advertising!

You’re probably wondering what a mobile billboard is. A mobile billboard is similar to any other billboard, except that it is attached to a moving truck that can display your billboard in a specific area at a certain time. Mobile billboards are great for eye-popping messages during special events with a lot of people around, or even everyday advertising for people on their daily commutes! They can go where you need, when you need, offering the best way for people that see our truck to be aware of you.

Outdoor advertising on the back of a truck is an excellent way to get direct exposure in a specific market area. It is a very direct, targeted approach at influencing specific people in an area. On the rest of this page, we’ll explain what mobile billboard advertising is and how it can help you increase your sales and brand awareness!

Billboards, On Trucks?

You heard that right! AZ Mobile Ads is all about transforming that hefty, immobile billboard into a roaming, intriguing message on-the-go that is bound to catch eyes and turn heads. Billboards are kind of like computers, we started out with stationary chunky machines and now we have ultra-thin laptops and smartphones that allow us to compute on the go!

When we only had old, stationary computers, we had to physically go where the machine was. With a billboard that doesn’t move, people have to physically go to where your billboard is located in order to hear what you’re saying. Billboard truck advertising turns your billboard into a smartphone by allowing your message to mobilize and go where it’s needed rather than pointlessly waiting.

Technology only continues to grow as new advances are made every day. Intelligent minds across the world are coming up with smarter, faster, better ways of doing things, including advertising! Putting your billboard on wheels is just part of that trend. Leave it to us at AZ Mobile Ads to show your ad in the best way to people who care!

How It Works

Picking A Truck

When deciding to put your ad on a mobile billboard, you have a few options based on the needs of your display. We offer two types of mobile billboard advertising trucks:

  • Static Mobile Billboard Trucks. This is our standard, mobile advertising truck. It sports two spacious 10’H x 20’W sides with a 8’H x 4’W rear panel. This billboard can display static (non-moving) images from Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Static trucks are a more budget approach to mobile advertising. A great choice for those who have less complicated images to display and we’ll still make it look like a masterpiece either way!
  • LED Mobile Billboard Truck. Welcome to our premium outdoor advertising truck! The dimensions of this truck include two 8’H x 16’W sides with 8’H x 6.5’W rear. This truck is the real deal! On this truck, you can display dynamic images, live feeds, or even short videos! This is such a unique form of advertising because it is so engaging and stimulating! You can even add sound so you can be sure it won’t be missed. This is a pricier approach, but absolutely worth every dollar. You’ll be amazed at how gorgeous your images look on our LED mobile billboard truck, and so too will your market audience!

Hitting the Road

After you’ve picked out a truck that suits your imaging and marketing needs, we can help create an effective display schedule. We will drive our mobile billboard truck sporting your display on a schedule, following a pre-determined route. We will ensure our trucks obtain the most exposure possible by driving your display as long as you need.

To do this, we make sure our trucks drive along busy streets and freeways where the most people are commuting. We also pay careful attention to the behavior of traffic, keeping note of the rush hours in the morning and evening for maximum exposure. We are also on top of being aware of upcoming events that may bring out even more people to potentially view your display. To help you get the most out of your time, we make sure our trucks are constantly in motion!

Our company does manufacture trailers and billboards for sale if you are looking to purchase one outright. We can design and manufacture any size/specification sign you need for that! Additionally, we manufacture our LED screens from scratch to provide the most durability on bumpy, unstable roads. This helps us to give you long-lasting, beautiful LED displays. In other words, if you are looking to purchase a mobile billboard, check out this page.

Benefits For You!

Hopefully by now you can see just how cool and useful our trucks can be. We offer a unique form of effective advertising. Imagine yourself watching a commercial on TV at home. Now imagine yourself driving to the grocery store and seeing a giant, booming, LED display sporting some kind of advertisement. Which one is going to stick out in your head? Which one will you actually remember? Of course it’s the exciting, impossible-to-ignore LED display that came to you and where you were in the world. It is probably something you and millions of other people have never seen before, and what better to turn heads than something we haven’t seen before?


Billboard truck advertising can offer some really great benefits that produce top notch results. You’ll quickly realize that mobile billboard advertising is some of the best bang for your buck. Mobile billboard advertising is pretty cheap (per impression) and is quite effective. Here are some of the best reasons to put your billboard on wheels:

  • Accessibility! Using our mobile billboard trucks allows you to make your message reach people and areas it might not have been able to previously. This also offers a more affordable way of outside advertising that would be much more expensive if you advertised directly with a venue or location. Billboard truck advertising allows for a very targeted, location-specific approach that may not be available otherwise.
  • Mobility! Our specially designed trucks make your message go mobile. To do this, your message will be locally broadcast to anyone nearby and is pretty hard to miss with large, visually and audibly stimulating displays. The truck will run based on a schedule we agree on, with special emphasis placed on ensuring we encounter the most traffic as possible. More traffic means more eyes on your display! There isn’t a better time than when traffic grinds to a halt to have a beautifully displayed ad in front of your eyes.


  • Exposure! Part of why our mobile billboard advertising trucks are so successful is the simple fact that our truck is hard to ignore. We make sure people want to look at what you’re trying to say. At AZ Mobile ads, wee really go out there to try and get people’s attention with our flashy LED lights and awesome sounds. What’s the best way to make sure people see you? By standing out and being worth noticing, and that’s exactly what our billboard trucks do! We’ll make sure people see your ad and know what your business is all about!
  • Return! When anyone turns to advertising, they are doing so for a reason. That reason may be that you want more people to be aware of your business. Or you might just want to increase sales. Advertising is essentially an investment that businesses make in hopes of some kind of return. Compared to the most common types of advertising, mobile billboard trucks are some of the cheapest per thousand impressions. That means for every 1000 people you try and influence, mobile billboard trucks across the board are much more effective at doing so, and therefore are more affordable to obtain. Our LED trucks allow for multiple ads to be run, so you can say more in the same space!
  • You Look Awesome! Our mobile billboards are beautiful and we make your message look fabulous. How many of your competitors have powerful, in-your-face advertising that can be wherever it is required? By using outdoor advertising on a billboard truck, you can stand out from the crowd and win people over. Having professionally driven trucks sporting beautiful displays will make people feel good about your business. Our clients love what we’ve done with their images, let us help you share in that today!

Powerful Facts

In addition to having your billboard driven around, you can supplement the truck with handout pamphlets we will distribute for you. This will help you reach every opportunity to make people notice you! For extra peace of mind, we can also send you daily photos of your billboard and give you an idea of where it’s at.

Outdoor advertising has never been as innovative and effective as it is today with our billboard trucks. Especially if you already have a current, immobile billboard, consider making your billboard mobile with us to garner up to 250% more attention to your ad! Mobile billboards are far more effective because:

  • Most people drive! Today, still nearly 85% of people are commuting via car. With so many people committed to being on the road, it makes it a necessity to put your ad on the road with them. We give you the ability to place your ad directly in front of your target audience!
  • It grabs attention! Our mobile billboard trucks are big and hard to notice. This is because they’re pretty flashy and make people want to look at them. In fact, 30% of people who see them indicate they’d make a purchasing decision based on the ad they saw. To complement that, 97% of people were able to fully recall the ad they saw on a mobile billboard, which is much higher than traditional advertising methods.

Get Started Today!

Hopefully by now, you think our billboard truck advertising is as unique, effective, and just downright awesome as we do. Brilliantly displaying your message to as many people as possible is our top goal. To make that happen, we are proud to offer a different approach to advertising, something that’s a little more flashy and engaging.

Whether you have a simple image, a streaming video, or multiple ads to show, we can make it happen. Think of mobile billboard advertising as your secret weapon and let us give you quality results at an affordable price!

If you want to make your business rise above the crowd and get quality results, give us a call today at 1-800-686-1506 and see how we can help you grow! For any other questions or concerns, please call or fill out our contact form located here.